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ZF-Screens has a broad experience in general developmental toxicity screens.

ZF-Screens is the only company which can offer you Biological risk assessment screens for microparticles, nanoparticles and microbiome bacteria in zebrafish embryos. The method ZF-Screens uses is screensof the eggs and larvae of zebrafish with robots and RNA sequencing. ZF-Screens uses a new technique which has been optimized for our applications in cooperation with FG-technologies: BRB seq (Bulk RNA Bar coding RNA sequencing).

ZF-Screens is expert in Determination of larval volume and volume determination of organs that is used as a proxy of the health of the organism. There by ZF-Screens has an sensitive and accurate method to evaluate the risks of compounds or microbes on a developing organism. Zebrafish have already earned their stripes for evaluating the risk of many compounds that are relevant for human toxicology. With the use of advanced robotic injection systems ZF-Screens expands the tool box now to also make it possible to reliably evaluate the risk of nano and micro particles as well as microbes. ZF-Screens is also unique in offering risk analyses of microbes in a gut microbiome colonization set up.

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ZF-Screens uses the next level automated injection and screening systems for zebrafish embryos high- throughput screening.
ZF-Screens uses robotic systems that can handle over 2000 samples per hour.

By using automated injection systems ZF-Screens can release of compounds or microorganisms in zebrafish larvae in a highly controlled way.
By using a proprietary collection of genetically controlled zebrafish lines we have optimized reproducibility of screening methods.
ZF-Screens uses RNA sequencing read-out methods for the analysis of risk assessment of particles and microbes. 

ZF-Screens uses advanced quantitative imaging technologies and data processing which provide more results from your data.
ZF-Screens is the first company which is able to provide Bulk RNA Barcoding (BRB) RNA sequencing methods for risk assessment of nanoparticles and microbes in zebrafish larvae at a highly competitive price compared to other sequencing techniques.


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