Experts in Brisk Screens:
Biological Risk Assessment Screens

About us

ZF-Screens is a spin-off company from Leiden University and founded in 2006 by prof. dr. Herman Spaink and colleagues of Leiden University. ZF-Screens has contributed to more than 45 scientific publications.

Prof. Herman Spaink, the current director of ZF-Screens, is a pioneer and top researcher in the field of molecular biologyresearch. ZF-Screens collaborates with many scientists from Leiden University.

ZF-Screens has a strategic partnership with Life Science Methods, a company founded in 2011 by dr. Jan de Sonneville after completion of a PhD. at Leiden University. His company develops high throughput robotic screening tools for biological research. In addition, ZF-Screens has also a strategic partnership with Future Genomics Technologies (FG-tech) in the area of genomics analysis. FG-tech, directed by dr. Ron Dirks, is a spin-off of Baseclear B.V. and Leiden University that specializes in the development of advanced genomics technologies. These experts have a long lasting scientific cooperation and share many publications.


ZF-Screens has been a partner in many prestigious research networks, including the EU funded networks: ZF-cancer, ZF-health, the Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI) Joint Undertaking of tuberculosis research. In addition, it was a matching partner in several TTW funded projects.

Strategic collaborating Universities: Leiden University and Leipzig University.


Clients include many research groups from international universities and companies. This work has led to many publications and patent applications. 

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